Life On Our Outback Farm

A Look at Winter on the Farm

Winter on our farm is a beautiful time.  Especially with all the wonderful rain we’ve received after three long years of drought.  The farm is bursting with life and thick, green crops are filling the farming paddocks.  It is truly something to behold.


This wheat crop is in a new paddock that my incredibly thoughtful husband named “Dave’s” after my sweet Dad, who passed away eight years ago.  This is the first crop ever to be planted here.  What makes it even more special is that my son and husband cultivated the land and then planted this inaugural crop together.


Another sure sign of winter, in addition to the crops dotting the countryside, is the blanket of bright, yellow flowers everywhere.  These tiny, abundant flowers are called turnip.  When the season is good, the turnip can grow extremely tall and thick.  My husband tells the story of the year the turnip grew so high they couldn’t see the fences from the top of the tractor!   It looks beautiful and the sheep find it tasty, but surprisingly has the most unpleasant odor!


Our farm consists of a mixture of grazing and cropping paddocks.  Even in the winter, the grazing paddocks are beautiful and in a good season are full of not only turnip, but other winter grasses as well.


One can even find beauty in the fallen trees.


We are blessed with the most exquisite sunsets here on the farm.  The cold, crisp winter air and clear skies aid in the production of the sky’s stunning nightly performances.


Without the bright lights and visual obstructions found in the cities, we’re able to see the sunsets in their entirety, start to finish.  There’s something to be said for living in the country where we’re free to enjoy all the beauty nature has to offer.


Farm life is busy, no matter the season and each season has its own unique brand of beauty.  I feel we are truly blessed to call this our home and experience such brilliant scenery that is all our own.


  • carmel kenniff

    Thank you Leigh. So lovely to see the green again after the devastating few past years. I am in “lockdown” at present since 19/03 actually, as where I am there are aged MaristvBrothers so we have to be doubly careful of the virus. Hopefully will get to Narrabri again one day! Tell Phil I have my big 80 birthday coming up (actually as I remember, Leigh you and I share a birth date of January 29. ). so not getting any younger. Keep well and love to all

    • leighsevil

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Doesn’t everything look amazing now! We’re up to 25 inches of rain so far this year! You’ve got a great memory and yes we do share a birthday! Philip sends his best 🙂

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