Meet Leigh

I am a Mississippi girl, born and bred.  About 22 years ago I was in New Orleans with twelve other ladies celebrating the impending marriage of a sweet friend.  I decided to have a little fun and pretend to be Australian.  I said “G’day” to a friendly looking couple and little did I know, the gentleman next to them was Australian!  We had a short chat where after telling him that I came from “the middle of Queensland” I had to admit the truth…I was from Mississippi.  Well, the rest is history and we were married exactly one year later in Jackson, Mississippi.  I’ve now been living on a farm in northwest New South Wales for the past 22 years.

I’d love to share with you a little bit of our farm life along with my love of decorating, organizing, and entertaining and show you how I brought The South Down Under!  I hope you’ll join me.


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