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Christmas Collections – Heirlooms in the Making

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year!  Ask anyone.  I love everything about it from the twinkling lights of the trees to the colorful decorations adorning our home, to the delectable smell of cookies baking in the oven.  This love of Christmas is perhaps what prompted the beginning of the various collections that I started years ago.  I would like to share these collections with you.

I get my love of Christmas from my sweet father.  When everyone else was tired of Christmas carols, we would turn them up louder.  When no one could bear to watch another Christmas movie, Dad and I would turn another one on.  My parents always made Christmas special for us.  One of my fondest memories as a child was them taking my brother, sister and I out one Christmas Eve to look at the lights.  Dad sang “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and we swore that we saw Rudolph’s nose up in the sky!  This may have been where my desire to collect Santas came from.  I started collecting Santas when I was about twenty-two (we won’t say how many years ago that was!).  A dear friend of mine made them and each year I bought one from her.  Then family and friends began giving them to me as gifts.


In addition to Santas, I also collect waterballs.   You know the ones that we loved as children that were filled with water and “snow”!  I don’t actually remember how I came to collect these, but I now have quite a few, and of course they are all Christmas themed.


During the Christmas season almost every inch of our home is covered in some sort of Christmas decoration (but not in a tacky way LOL!)  So of course the kitchen couldn’t be left out.  Christmas platters are another of my beautiful collections and really do brighten up the kitchen.  This is nice because I spend so much of my time baking at this time of year it’s nice to be surrounded by these lovely, colorful platters.


One of the nice things about my collections is that they come from both the United States and Australia.  Each item has a special memory associated with it.  It’s lovely to think that future generations will be able to enjoy these collections and will hopefully love them as much as I do.


And the last Christmas collection that I would like to share with you is my tea towels.  My sister and I both collect these and between us have enough to open a shop!  But they do add a bit of charm and color to the kitchen and help make it more festive.  (The tricky part is making sure no one uses them!)


I hope you’ve enjoyed this small glimpse into my Christmas collections and that maybe I’ve inspired you to start some of your own!




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