Cozy Winter Table for Two

If you know me, then you know how much I love things to be warm and cozy.  Winter is my favorite time of year, after fall of course.  I love making my home snug and comfortable for my family.  (Check out how I do this in my post Three Essentials for Creating a Cozy Home .)


We don’t go out for dinner or other social occasions as often during the winter.  It’s hard to get motivated to go out into the cold just to have a nice dinner.  So, why not opt for having date night at home?  You can spruce up your dinner table, make a special meal and light a cozy fire.


Your table doesn’t have to be anything fancy, as long as it’s warm and inviting.  With this wintertime tablescape I used my favorite napkins as a jumping off point.  I wanted the colors in the other decor pieces I used to compliment them.  I used my Mom’s silver and the wine glasses my daughter gave me for Christmas last year.  This gives the table an element of sentimentality.  The silverware is mismatched because Mom gave me more than one set of silver.  This lends a more casual air to the table and keeps it from being too stuffy.  After all, this is a cozy dinner for two, not a fancy dinner party.


When I put together the centerpiece, I used items that had the same dark, muted colors as the napkins.


When I think of cozy, I think of layers and lots of texture.  The pine cones and potpourri pieces, as well as the cut glass bowl give the centerpiece tons of texture.  Again, the colors tie in with those of the napkins.  The material I added is just a piece I found one day at the local fabric shop.  I thought it would be great for tablescapes, large and small.


The red votive candles tie in nicely with not only the napkins, but with the nuts in the potpourri.  And you can’t beat candle light to make a table intimate and cozy.


It may look like I went to a lot of trouble setting my table, but if truth be told, it only took me a few minutes!  Hopefully it will make my husband feel special and make our date night in feel a little less like “just another meal at home”.





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