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Declutter and Get Organized…Before the Christmas Rush

Each year one of my New Year’s resolutions is to declutter and get (and stay) organized.  Decluttering is fairly easy…it’s keeping things uncluttered and organized that’s the challenge.  Sooo, that’s why this is a yearly resolution for me!  Normally I get in full on declutter/organize mode in late January, early February after the rush of Christmas had settled down and the kids were back at school.  But this year I thought I would get a jump start on getting organized.  I figure it’ll make putting up our Christmas decorations less stressful and more enjoyable (at least that’s what I’m telling myself LOL!).

I’ve had a few organizational projects that need to be completed.  I’ve purchased the containers, but just haven’t gotten around to actually putting anything in them!  So this blog post was a good excuse to make me get this done.  We have a huge basket in our mudroom that holds everything from nuts and bolts to shower roses to sheep worming kits.  It weighs a ton and needs to be sorted out (AGAIN).  I also have a really cute smaller basket in the mudroom that was intended to just sit there and look cute.  However it’s been filled with “stuff” too.


A couple of months ago (yes I know I should have completed this project way before now) I bought three nice sized plastic containers with lids from Target Australia.  I’m going to use these to get those baskets in the mud room organized.  I divided the contents of the baskets into three categories (three baskets, three categories).  One will be for hand held two-ways and chargers (I could open a store with the amount of these we have!), one will be for animal related items (flea collars, first aid bits and of course the aforementioned sheep worming testing kit), and the third will hold electrical items such as extension cords and chargers.


It literally took me about 20 minutes to sort out the baskets and fill the new containers!  I spent more time dreading the task than I did on the actual task!  So now the new containers are in the garage on my work table and my lovely baskets weigh substantially less!


Another five minute job was organizing the plastic cutlery in our bar cupboard.  We have so much of this stuff left over from my husband’s 50th (ten years ago), random other birthday parties, and our family reunion that we hosted earlier this year.  It was all just thrown into the cupboard so that every time you opened the door, most of it attacked you and landed at your feet!  I bought another plastic container, this time from The Reject Shop, spent a quick second and voila!  No more attack of the cutlery!


And last but not least, the project that I’ve been putting off for the longest…organizing my jewelry.  I bought two fantastic bracelet/watch holders, an earring holder and a necklace holder from Amazon Australia and they’ve been patiently waiting for me to use them.


In my defense I did actually have a portion of my earrings in the organizer and all of my necklaces.  So I guess I’m not as far behind as I thought!


Again this job didn’t take any where near as long as I thought it would.  Maybe thirty minutes (a bit of dusting was required) and the job was done!  I found jewelry I forgot I had!  It was just like Christmas!  Well almost.  Anyway after half an hour everything was organized and cleaned.

You will have to excuse the bottom shelf.  This project was about jewelry organization and that shelf clearly doesn’t contain any jewelry!  Don’t be like me and put off jobs until they gain a life of their own.  Get what you need to complete the task, then get on with it.  You’ll feel so much better having your home organized and decluttered.  I know I do!



  • Carmel Kenniff

    Thank you Leigh, yes it is a great feeling to have a tidy up and before Christmas if possible. Your husband may not like you saying his 50th ten years ago!! though. You are a very organised person and your blogs are great, thank you and a lovely Christmas to you all. I can’t send my wishes on Facebook as I am not on it now. And a happy birthday on the 29th January (mine too) x

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