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Decorating on a Budget – How to Spruce Up Your Home Without Breaking the Bank – Part 2

I’ve been wanting to change the accent color of our house from green to black for ages.  But our roof is green and can’t be changed without going to a huge expense.  So I decided I would change the outside décor colors instead which can be done relatively inexpensively. I think black is such a clean, crisp color and it gives the home a bit of sophistication while at the same time allowing it to maintain a homey feeling.


Twenty-two years ago, right after I arrived in Australia, my hubby and I went to Tamworth for my birthday.  We went to an antique/junk shop and bought this old green chair.  I thought it would look cute on the front porch and I could use it to display flowers, etc.  It didn’t even have a bottom!  You can see from the lean on it that it’s seen better days, but I still like it so I thought a bit of paint would perk it up a bit.  Once I painted it, using White Knight Squirts Paint and Prime Flat Black, the bird house and chicken looked worse for wear so I got out my trusty Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and had at it.  I used Olive on the birdhouse and Old Ochre (which I had left over from previous projects) on the chicken and dark wax on both.


I liked how the black chair looked so next I turned my attention to the light fixtures across the front of the house.  They were a dark green and looked a bit tired.  I painted them with Wattyl Killrust Epoxy Black Gloss Enamel  and now they’re good as new.  The good thing is it only took one coat!


I looked at replacing these pots on our pond, but the title of this post is “Decorating on a Budget”… and buying three new pots is not in the budget (thank you drought).  Besides, there’s really nothing wrong with them except the  color has faded a bit.  Again with the black spray paint!  Two coats later and I have three virtually new looking pots and I managed to clean the plants up a bit too! (Let’s just pretend that I didn’t spray paint the plants!!)


I hope this gives you a few ideas of changes you can bring about in your home.  Making these types of updates to your décor pieces is really just as fun as buying new pieces, except you get the added pleasure and satisfaction of having done it yourself and on budget!



  • Carmel kenniff

    Leigh I do enjoy reading your blog “A touch of the South Downunder”. I am not on Facebook now as I seemed to be forever being “hacked”. I must have been doing something wrong! So found it was not worth it. Keep up the good work x CK

    • leighsevil

      I think you’re my number one fan Carmel! Thank you so much! I thought something was happening on Facebook because I kept getting friend requests from you and we were already friends! I thought you may have been hacked. That’s a shame, but at least we can keep up here! Take care.

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