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DIY Easter Garland

I enjoyed making my Valentine’s Day garland so much  that I decided to make one for Easter as well. It’s a fun, easy project that you can do while watching television or visiting with your family.  And since we’re all sheltering at home, it’s a great project to keep you busy!


One of the good things about this project is that it doesn’t require too many supplies and some of them you may already have on hand.  For a full list of supplies see Valentine’s Day DIY Felt Garland ,


To make this garland I used my Easter cookie cutters and traced them onto my felt.  If you don’t have any cookie cutters in the shapes you want, don’t worry.  You can make your own templates on your computer (Make your own template)


Now it’s time to cut out the shapes.  Remember, you have to cut out a front and a back for each shape.


Unlike my Valentine’s Day garland where I didn’t add any embellishments, I wanted to add a bit more interest to these sweet little shapes.  So I pulled out my embroidery threads and added a few accents to each piece.  Just enough to spruce them up a little.


Now it’s time to sew the fronts and backs together and stuff them with the poly filling.  I just used a simple back stitch to accomplish this.   I find this part to be relaxing and it gives me all the cozy vibes.  All I needed was some cold weather and a fire!


Next I had to sew the yarn onto the backs of the shapes to get it ready to hang.  It’s a good idea to lay the pieces out first and decide the order you want them on the garland.


As with the Valentine’s Day garland, I sewed two little loops over the piece of yarn on the back of each piece.  Be sure to put the yarn towards the top of each piece so that when you hang the garland they don’t flip.


And there you have it…a darling little Easter garland.  The fun thing about this type of project is that you can make it as fancy or as simple as you like.  And the possibilities are endless…just use your imagination!


There’s still time to make this sweet garland before Easter.  What Easter shapes will you use?


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