Eggceptional Easter Tablescape

Even though Easter is going to be very different this year, with extended family and friends unable to celebrate with us, you can still have an enjoyable Easter brunch, lunch or dinner with a fun, festive table.


First things first, decide on the mood you want your tablescape to evoke.  Do you want a formal, elegant air or a more light, whimsical feel?  This decision may be slightly dependent on the decor pieces you have available to use. With that decision made, it’s time to gather all your Easter decorations.


Do you want to use a tablecloth, a runner, or both?  I generally always go with just a table runner.  However, I like to layer at least two runners, depending on what I have on hand.  When putting together this particular tablescape I didn’t have a runner that I really wanted to use, so I improvised.  I put together two of the napkins that I was going to use with the place settings!  This not only added more color and whimsy to my table, but provided some continuity to the table as a whole.


Putting together a tablescape (or “setting the table” as we called it when I was a kid) needs to be done in steps.  You start with the anchor, which is the tablecloth or runner, then add the centerpiece.  When making your centerpiece, be sure that your guests sitting opposite each other can see over it.  I chose to use my spring centerpiece but changed out my hurricane lamp for this cute bunny from Pottery Barn.


Then I added a few sparkly Easter eggs to the mix to give it a bit more color.


Now that the anchoring elements of the tablescape are completed it’s time to put together the individual place settings.  There are so many things you can do to make the place settings unique.  You can choose a fancy way to fold your napkins, layer the plates, and even add a little treat for your guests on their plates.


I’m giving each guest (aka my immediate family) a homemade Easter egg as well as plastic eggs filled with goodies.


Because my tablescape is more whimsical I also threw on those cute little carrots.  Afterall, what is a rabbit without his carrots?


What kind of Easter table are you setting this year?  Whatever you do, enjoy yourself and remember the true meaning of the day.  Happy Easter!


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