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Fall Vignettes…Decor Inspired by Sweet Childhood Memories

Vignette – “any small, pleasing picture or view”.    I love vignettes, no matter the season or holiday.  It’s a chance to group a collection of like items or  those that are special to you.  In keeping with last week’s post on fall decorating, (Click Here) I want to share some of my favorite fall vignettes with you.

But first a little background on why I love fall so much.  I would have to say that it comes from my sweet childhood memories of fall in Mississippi.  Even though it’s in the deep south we still had the lovely change of season and all that entails.  The cooler temperatures (mixed with a few hot days), fires in the fireplace, toasted marshmallows and rides along the amazing Natchez Trace where Mother Nature really put on a show!  I remember spending hours in the crisp fall air playing in our backyard, roller skating in our driveway or riding my bike all around the neighborhood. I think that’s what ultimately inspired my love of this season and the colors that represent it.   So here are some of my favorite vignettes:

This basket is perhaps my very favorite.  It has all of my beloved elements in it, the faux fall leaves, little pumpkins, the acorn and antler and the old broken stirrup that my son found for me.


This next vignette contains the old glass washboard (apparently used for lingerie…who knew?!) that I bought recently on a trip with my husband.  As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it.  I love the way the cotton looks in the galvanized vase next to the washboard.  The contrast of the soft elements to the harsh metal ones, in my opinion,  is what makes this so interesting.


This arrangement reminds me of the fall foliage we used get when I was a child.  We don’t get it in our garden here in Australia (we have to road trip to see the changing of the leaves) so I love having lots of it throughout our home.  I really miss seeing all the leaves changing color and leaving a carpet of orange, gold and brown on the lawn.  Oh except for when I used to have to rake them up!


This little grouping is on the left end of our mantle.  I’ve added a lovely fall garland and this sweet little bird statue.  As I said these fall colors really remind me of my childhood.  My sweet Dad would get my brother, sister and I to rake the yard and we’d rake the leaves into huge piles.  And then…you guessed it…we would run and jump into the piles and send leaves scattering everywhere!  That was such a fun game for us, that is, until we had to rake them up again!


When decorating for fall, or really any season or holiday, I like to include the front porch.  I’ve followed the fall theme here by adding some of the same elements as inside.  The little bird statues, the faux leaves and pine cones.


I think you’d be hard pressed to find many spaces in our home that aren’t decorated for fall and this goes for our kitchen.  I love mixing different materials, i.e. wood, galvanized metal, copper and of course some greenery to soften it all.


This last photo is of the sign I made using decals from Wall Quotes I love the copper letters which coincides with the other copper elements I’ve used.  As I mentioned earlier, I really believe I love fall because it evokes such wonderful childhood memories. And with that being said…


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