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Farmhouse Style Easter Decor

I love to my decorate farmhouse style decor pieces for all the different holidays and seasons, so this week I’m going to share with you how I decorated a flat tray, a tiered tray and the cutest little birdcage I picked up not long ago, with my Easter decorations.


I really didn’t have in mind exactly how I wanted to decorate these pieces, so I pulled out an assortment of Easter decorations and stared at them for awhile.  It really is a process.  I decided to decorate the tiered tray first so that narrowed down which pieces I could use.  After that it was all trial and error until I came up with the right combination of items.


The tiered tray is a favorite of mine to decorate.  It has so much room to add those special decor pieces that I love and it allows for so much versatility.  The trick is to make sure you balance your decor items so that the tray has an even, coherent look.


Make sure you put your pieces all the way around so that the back looks just as good as the front!


Flat trays are also a lot of fun to decorate and if you’re like me, the bigger the better.  Because my flat tray is rather large, it allows me to incorporate other large pieces, like my cake stand, to give my vignettes some height.


I wanted to be sure the tray was full, but not overcrowded.  The decor pieces on the cake stand were my main focus, so I added the eggs and flowerpots mainly as fillers.  I love the tiny flowerpots (purchased from my local hardware store) and the teeny carrots that fit perfectly!


When I was in town last, I did a bit of window shopping and happened upon the cutest bird cage!  So of course I had to have it.  There were two reasons;  it had that great farmhouse look I love and I knew it would be fun to decorate for Easter and later for spring.  I have to say though, it was a definite challenge to style!  The door is quite small and it’s the only opening in which to add decor items.  But I fiddled around with it and this is what I came up with.


So there you have it, my farmhouse style Easter decor.  I hope I’ve provided a bit of inspiration for you!  How much decorating do you do for Easter?



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