First Comes Love, then Comes Marriage & Before that a Bridal Shower!

To me there’s nothing more fun than hosting a shower, whether it be bridal or baby. I was so excited when my husband’s sweet cousin Eloise  announced her engagement and straight away I offered to give her a bridal shower.  Then a year or so later she announced they were expecting so I offered to host a baby shower for her (that will be Part II of this post!). So as you can see,  I really like hosting showers!  There are a few steps that make hosting a shower both relaxing and fun. The first thing I suggest doing is create a Pinterest board (make it private so it will be a surprise for the bride and guests). This is a great way to get fantastic ideas and keep yourself organized.


Next choose a theme. In the south we love to entertain and I love bringing southern traditions to my Australian entertaining. After years of attending & hosting my friends’ bridal showers I’ve discovered so many unique themes to choose from, i.e. “Book” showers, “Honey Do” showers, “Stock the Bar” showers and the list goes on and on. I chose “Around the Clock” as my theme. This is a different take on a miscellaneous shower. Each guest is given a specific time of day and they must purchase a gift that can be used at that time. It can make for some very interesting gifts!


Invitations are next on the list. There are numerous options for E-Invitations, but I’m old fashioned and love printed ones. If you’re going with printed invitations be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get them ordered, addressed and mailed. Ideally I like to send invitations out three to four weeks ahead of time.


Decide on the menu. Will it be finger food or a sit down meal? To help alleviate stress it’s a good idea to choose a few items that can be made ahead of time. I like to have a balance of sweet and savory items. In your planning be sure to included what drinks you’d like to serve. I like to give guests a choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages along with tea and coffee.


To make the bride feel extra special it’s nice to add a few personal touches to the shower. I found out Eloise’s wedding colors and incorporated them into the decorations.


As part of the decorations I made a “Miss to Mrs.” sign that displayed the number of days until she became “Mrs.”! I found this cute idea on Pinterest at https://www.catchmyparty.com.


Upon arrival each guest was given a miniature bottle of champagne with a pink & white straw (again including the wedding colors).Check out https://www.brideside.com.


I don’t know many people that don’t like sweets so I set up a candy bar (of course the candy was in the bride’s colors). I put them in beautiful glass containers (I later re-used these for soaps & cotton in my children’s bathroom) and included scoops and colorful containers to eat from.  Once again I found this gem of an idea on Pinterest from https://southernbluecelebrations.blogspot.com.


Giving the bride a beautiful shower is a gift  she won’t soon forget. And with a little planning and organization you can sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities!


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