First Comes Love, then Comes Marriage, Now Here Comes the Baby Carriage!

As promised in my last post, here is a bit about the baby shower I hosted for  my sweet cousin-in-law (is that even a thing?).  As with her bridal shower I again set up a secret Pinterest board, chose the color scheme (I didn’t know if the baby was a girl or boy so I chose the traditional pink and blue) and sent out the invitations. With the invitations I enclosed a “Wishes for Baby” card so each guest could write special messages for the baby. These were purchased from https://www.vistaprint.com.au


I decided on an afternoon tea for the shower.  The menu again consisted of sweet and savory items, but this time I had a couple of items catered from a local cafe.  This is a great way to make hosting a little less stressful.


Next it was time to sort out the decorations. I wanted to make them memorable so I knew I had to have a spectacular centerpiece.  Diaper cakes are all the rage and I found tons of ideas on Pinterest.  Not only is this an adorable idea, but it’s a practical and fun hostess gift that provides the parents-to-be many of the little bits and pieces they’ll need for the baby.


Now for something to accompany the centerpiece.  When you live as far from town as I do sometimes it’s just easier to order what you need so I hit the internet.  I found some charming napkins, cupcake liners and puffs for the table.  From the local fabric shop I purchased pink and blue fabric, fastened down the edges with double sided tape and layered them on top of a white tablecloth.  This gave my table a bit of depth.  Another good idea for decorating your table is to use varying heights by stacking books on top of each other then covering with a table cloth.  It makes the table more interesting.


When entertaining, organization is key.  Being organized will cut down on your stress levels and make hosting more enjoyable.  Two weeks before the shower I read over the recipes, made a list of the ingredients I needed and began my grocery list.  I also made a list of how long each item would take to cook and at what temperature.  That helped me juggle having only one oven.  It’s so important to read your recipes thoroughly. Even if you live five minutes from the grocery store you don’t want to waste time making multiple unnecessary trips.

Gift Table


One week before the shower I determined where I wanted to set up the food and drinks, where the guests would be seated, and what serving pieces I would need. Hopefully by now all the RSVP’s are in, but I always plan for a few extra people because in my experience not everyone replies on time (I’m sure we’re all guilty of this!).  Next I made the trip into town (56 miles away) and bought the non-perishable food items, items needed for my “make ahead” food, and drinks.


The week of the shower I cleaned the house and got everything in order (and dared anyone to touch anything!).   A couple of days before the shower I traveled back to town to buy the perishable items. This is also the time to purchase flowers if you’re using them.  In my case the great grandmother-to-be graciously provided the flower arrangements from her garden which was extra special.


Finally the day of the shower arrived and I spent a bit of time “fluffing”  up the house.  I made sure the areas where my guests were going to be were clean, making sure the garbage cans were emptied, the soap containers were filled and fresh hand towels were put out.  I also like to light candles.  My favorite is Ecoya’s French Pear.


Now hopefully there’s a little time left for you to relax before the guests arrive. And when you’re getting yourself ready be sure to have that all important southern “dressing drink”!





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