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Four Things to Declutter While in Quarantine

There will always be areas in our homes that need decluttering from time to time and it’s a chore that needs to be done on a  regular basis.  Decluttering while in quarentine is a great way to keep yourself busy and get your house super organized.  While we’re spending more time in our homes with our families, it’s important that the home is clean and organized to help keep our stress levels down.    You can break these down into smaller projects so that you don’t get overwhelmed.  I’m going to show you four areas that are quick and easy to declutter.

The first is your refrigerator.  Our fridges are being used more than ever now that our entire families are home.  More meals are being cooked at home which means more left overs, more food and more mess.  Once a week go through your refrigerator and get rid of those old, maybe moldy, leftovers.  Check the expiration date on your condiments and other items.  Have a look at your produce and if it’s no longer fresh and crisp, get rid of it.


Now whenever someone wants something to snack on or cook a meal with, everything will be in its place, fresh and ready to eat!


The same goes for your pantry.  There may be canned goods, packets of seasoning, or snacks that are passed their use by date.  Discard these items and update your grocery list.


Keeping your medicine cabinet up to date and decluttered is a must.  If there is some sort of emergency or you just need an aspirin, if everything is thrown into the cabinet any old way, you’ll never find what you need.  So go through it on a monthly or so basis and discard (safely so that small children don’t have access) any out of date prescription or over the counter medicines.  Use plastic containers to keep items organized.


Now when you need something from your medicine cabinet, you’ll be able to find it quite easily.


Keeping the closets in your home organized can be a daunting task, but it’s one that will have a huge impact on everyone in the family.  Start with one closet at a time.  Go through it methodically and decide what you want to keep and what you’d like to donate.  I have a bad habit of saying “Oh this may fit again one day, so I’ll keep it”.  Well, sad to say, that “one day” usually doesn’t come.  So I’ve learned to let those items go.  Get the kids to go through their toys and decide what they no longer play with.  These are great items to donate.


Newspapers and magazines have a way of reproducing don’t they?!  This is an area that definitely needs attention every week.  I like to go through our newspapers at the end of each week and once I’ve made sure everyone has read them, out they go.  Don’t give them a chance to pile up.  I hold on to magazines and my husband’s farming newspapers a little longer because we like to go back and look at them.  Those I cull once a month.


It’s a good idea to keep these items in one or two places only.  That way they’re not piled up all over the house while they’re still being read.


If you can keep on top of these four areas, I promise your home will feel cleaner and more organized.  And it will help take the stress out of having everyone at home.


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