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Four Ways to Style Your Dough Bowl for Spring

I love styling trays, platters, etc. and I would have to say that dough bowls are one of my favorite pieces to style!  They come in so many different sizes and colors and can range from being brand new to being a treasured antique.  Even though it’s now fall in Australia, I thought I would show you a few different ways to style your dough bowl for spring.  I’ve put together four arrangements using items I already had on hand  (items I used in my spring/summer decor).


I made a mental list of  the pieces I wanted to showcase in my dough bowl arrangements and gathered the supplies I needed.  My dough bowl isn’t very large so I don’t need a lot of faux flowers to fill it.  I used lambs ear as my base for each variation and then changed out the flowers I used with it (with the exception of the moss ball arrangement).


Before I put in the lambs ear I filled the bowl with a slightly wiry greenery that I bought from my local florist (I have no idea what this stuff is called, but I use it all the time!).  It makes the bowl appear more full because you can’t see the bottom.  I was getting ready to put my spring decor away this week and just threw these moss balls into the dough bowl to get them out of the way and really liked the look of it.  A happy accident!


I love the simplicity of this arrangement and how the texture of the greenery compliments the roughness of the dough bowl and moss balls.


Next I added my pink flowers and decided what the centerpiece would be.  I want my arrangements to tell a story and thought a “woodlands” theme would be perfect for spring.  I chose a unique bowl made of Coolibah wood (it’s a native tree here in Australia) that the hubs has had for years.  It almost looks like a nest, so of course I decided to add my favorite ceramic bird to finish it off.


The bark on the bottom of the Coolibah bowl is an interesting contrast to the softness of the flowers.


As a variation on the “woodlands” theme I thought adding my McCarty Pottery bunny would look lovely.


Lemons are a popular item used in spring and summer decor and I love this idea.  They’re so bright and cheerful!  I took out  the pink flowers and added white ones which I thought would be a great contrast to the sunny yellow of the lemons.


And last but not least I love the idea of using small, whitewashed flower pots as the centerpiece in my dough bowl.  After all, spring is all about the flowers and I wanted this arrangement to represent a spring garden.   I added some brightly colored faux flowers to the pots and kept the dainty white flowers.


As you can tell, I love ceramic birds, so I thought adding this cheerful little fella would finish off the scene quite well.


I hope I’ve provided you with some inspiration for styling your dough bowl.  I’d love to see what  you come up with.  Be sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see!


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