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From the Shearing Shed to the Porch

If you saw my post last week, Giving an Old Piece New Life and New Purpose ,you know how much I love finding old items in and around the out buildings of our farm to use as decor.  This week I’d like to share with you what I did with an old wooden box that I confiscated from our shearing shed.  For years it had been used to store some of the shearing gear, such as combs, cutters and hand pieces.  I was in the shearing shed one day, saw it and decided it would be great to use as a planter for our front porch!   And the rest is history.  I figured all that shearing gear could be stored elsewhere.  Here is the box before being gussied up with flowers.


Normally I would have painted it, but I love the box’s history and rustic look.  So it’s staying as is.  I wanted the pots to be at varying heights to add interest, so I added a few bricks that were left over from our garden path, to put the pots on.  And speaking of adding interest, I white washed three of the terracotta pots and added a little “moss” to them.  Thanks to The Painted Hinge for the easy to follow instructions on how to do this.  (Although her’s looks much better than mine!)


I went to my favorite nursery a couple of days ago and bought a few colorful plants that I’m hoping the kangaroos won’t find tasty.  I also added a fork and spade, some small pots and a bit of burlap for additional texture.


Next I just fiddled around with the pots a bit and decided on where I thought they looked best.  And there you have it…a spring planter out of a vintage shearing storage box.  It only took a few minutes and was easy on the budget.




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