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Giving an Old Piece New Life and New Purpose

One of the fun things about living on a farm is that there is so much cool, old stuff in and around the out buildings.  I’ve found so many fun decor pieces by simply going for a walk through the quarters and sheds and then putting in a little elbow grease.  Today I want to share with you how I updated a neat old step ladder.  The interesting thing about this particular ladder is that it has tin steps, which I really like.  I’m not sure how old it is, but it’s clearly seen better days!


My son actually found this ladder for me at our other farm.  There’s an old cottage there and this was in the storage room.  You can see that it’s quite rickety as the screws are loose and some of the wood has split.  Also the steps are in desperate need of a good cleaning.


Before I could do any cleaning or painting, I had to shore up the legs which as I said were very rickety.  I tightened all of the screws and then put in generous amounts of wood glue to the areas that had split, clamped them and left them for a couple of days (a bit long for good measure).


Once the glue had set, I cleaned the steps as much as I could while still leaving them looking old.  Now it was time to paint, except that I couldn’t decide on a color!  It was a choice between Rust-Oleum’s Sensible Sage chalk paint or Linen White.  In the end I chose Sensible Sage.


I applied only one coat of paint because I wanted it to still look its age (just a bit fresher) and I planned on distressing it.  So once the paint had dried I took to it with some course sandpaper and gave it a good “scrubbing” all over.  Then I applied the clear wax.


Next it was time for my favorite part…styling it!  I have a feeling there’s going to be a bit of tweaking before I settle on exactly how I want it to look. And I KNOW it’s going to be moved around a few times before I decide where it’s permanent home is going to be.  But after all, isn’t that what makes decorating so much fun?!


I love bringing old objects back to life and making them usable again, especially because they have a history on our farm. And this was a great project for a Sunday afternoon, because it didn’t take too long.  Now, on to one of my other myriad of projects!



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