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Happy Fall Ya’ll!

While most of you are decorating for spring, I’m Falling for Fall and so looking forward to all that entails…cooler temperatures, comfy sweaters, cozy fires, and pumpkin spice everything!  We’re well and truly in the midst of autumn, but I’m really only just finishing my decorating.  I blame that on Easter being so late (or maybe I wasn’t quite organized)…who knows!


My absolute favorite thing about fall is the colors.  Mother Nature puts on a spectacular show for us during this time of year and I love all the varying shades of orange, gold and soft brown.   I’ve always been drawn to these color palettes.  To me they’re the very definition of cozy.  So I love to incorporate them into my fall decor.  You’ll see from my photos that orange really dominates my color scheme.  I delight in mixing different shades and patterns to make our home feel cozy and inviting.


Living where we do in Australia, there aren’t many deciduous trees in our garden so I improvise by using faux garlands, leaves, plants and wreaths where ever I can in our home!  Over the years I’ve added to my collection of faux fall foliage, some of which I lugged back in my suitcase from Mississippi!  Some of it was bought here in Australia and some I purchased on Ebay.


When I think of fall and decorating I automatically think of nature and love to incorporate as much as possible into my decor.  Whether it be my over sized acorn (again lugged back in my suitcase from Mississippi), an antler purchased on a trip to Franklin, Tennessee, my many bird statues, or my antler candle holder (it appears I have a thing for antlers!) from Pottery Barn, I don’t think you can have enough natural elements in your fall decor.


I feel that fall decor should include many different textures.  That’s why I like mixing metal candlesticks and hurricane lamps, metal trays, rattan trays and wooden bowls. It adds interest and an element of coziness to the decor.  Fall and layering go hand in hand, so I love layering different natural fabrics such as cotton and burlap.  I’ve done this with the runners on our hall and dining tables.


So my friends, while ya’ll are enjoying spring with it’s warmer temperatures, gardening and barbecues,  I’m going to curl up with a good book and a pumpkin spice latte!


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