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How to Add Interest to Your Decor – Part One

I have loved home decor for as long as I can remember.  I inherited this love from my mother  (so did my sister).  Mom was always rearranging the furniture and moving paintings and decor pieces.  I still get excited when I visit a home decor store, see beautiful decor squares on Instagram or watch one of the myriad of home make over shows on tv.

There are a few basics tips for adding interest to home decor that I have learned over the years and I try to remember these whenever I’m decorating.  I’m going to share these with you in a three part series.  I hope you’ll follow along!

One of the best ways to add interest to your decor is with the use of texture.   There are so many items you can use to add texture, but I’m going to talk about three,  throw pillows, throws and rugs.

Throw pillows come in so many amazing colors, patterns and materials these days that the possibilities are endless!  And they’re so much more affordable with stores like Target and K-Mart selling amazing soft furnishings at reasonable prices (this is not an ad, I just like their merchandise).


I use throw pillows everywhere in my house (much to the dismay of my hubby and son).  They’re perfect for beds, sofas, chairs, baskets, really anywhere you like!


Using throws throughout your home is another way to use texture to add interest to your decor.  They add a feeling of comfort and coziness no matter where you put them.  Whether it be on the back of a chair, thrown over the arm of the sofa or piled up in a basket, a beautifully colored and/or patterned throw will add a bit of extra homeyness to your space.  It’s nice to pair them with a pretty throw pillow.  I like to use throws even in our hot Australian summers just for the way they make my home feel.


Rugs are another great way to add texture and interest to a room.  Years ago I would have never thought to layer rugs or even put a rug on top of carpet.  But talk about adding interest!  I love the affect and it’s another way to make your space feel welcoming.


The rug in our home bar is great because it helps cover the floor that I’ve been meaning to paint for the past twenty years!  (Does it count that I’ve bought the paint?)


Look around your home and see where you can add some interest and homeyness by using various textures.  I would love to hear your favorite ways to incorporate texture into your home and I hope to see you for part two of  How to Add Interest to Your Decor!


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