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How to Add Interest to Your Decor – Part Two

Welcome to part two of How to Add Interest to Your Decor!  Hopefully you saw last week’s post How to Add Interest to Your Decor – Part One  where I talked about using texture to make your home decor more interesting.  In part two I’ll be talking about the use of greenery, either faux or real, and incorporating varying heights into your vignettes to add interest.


Including plants in your home decor, whether they’re real of not,  adds so much life to a space.  There are so many beautiful and affordable faux options that if you’re like me and don’t have a massively green thumb you can opt for the fake plants and they’ll still look great!


If you have a space or a vignette you’ve been working on, but it seems to be missing something, try adding a plant and see what a difference it makes!


Do you have a favorite plant or tree in your garden?  Gather cuttings from it and add the stems to an eye catching vase!  If you don’t have anything that’s flowering or you think would suit, ask a neighbor if you can get cuttings from them!  I’ve seen some beautiful large vases filled with small tree branches and the impact it makes is amazing!


Another fun and easy way to add interest to your decor is by adding height to your arrangements.  Often, but not always, vignettes where all the pieces are at the same height can be predictable.  Why not add some books to lift a few of the pieces?  This will add visual interest.


If you’re not a fan of using books in your decor then just make sure all the elements of your vignette are of varying sizes.  This will still provide visual interest since the pieces aren’t all the same height.


Hopefully I’ve provided a bit of inspiration to your home decorating.  What’s your favorite way to add visual interest to your decor?  Be sure and join me for part three of How to Add Interest to Your Decor.   See you then!


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