How to Create a Beautiful Easter Tablescape

There’s nothing like a holiday or special occasion to get me in the mood to entertain and Easter is one of my favorites.  While I normally go for rich earth tones, I love the traditional colors associated with Easter; soft pinks, blues, greens, and yellows.  All of these beautiful pastels make me think of spring.  One of my favorite parts of entertaining is setting up the table.  It’s so much fun to decorate it in hopes of delighting my guests.  There are a few simple steps I’ve found over the years that work for me when I’m designing a tablescape and I would like to share them with you.


The first thing I decide on is the theme/color scheme of the table and how I want it to feel.  I chose to keep my Easter tablescape simple this year and wanted it to feel casual and comfortable.   I also wanted to incorporate all the beautiful colors associated with Easter, as well as a bit of greenery to give it the feeling of spring.


Now it’s time to put together my centerpiece.  I love this table runner (which I stole from my hallway) so I used it to anchor my table.  Next I pulled out my pretty white cake stand to give the centerpiece some height,  but not too much…you want your guests to be able to see each other!  I wanted to incorporate plenty of texture in my tablescape so I included my cute bunnies.  They are made from very different materials, ceramic & soft grassy stuff (I promise, that’s the technical term!)  To add a bit of whimsy, I included the adorable little birds’ nest and added a few of the eggs I painted over the weekend.  I surrounded the cake stand with a great faux wreath from IKEA and threw on a bit of moss that I purchased from my local florist.  And there you have it…one Easter centerpiece!


Now it’s time for the place settings.  In order to keep the casual vibe I was going for, I used my classic white dishes and set them on my rattan place mats.  I used my go to napkin presentation, courtesy of Martha Stewart,  to hold the cutlery.  Folding them into a pocket is so simple and effective. (Check out my “Entertaining”story highlights on Instagram to see how easy this is).  I always like to add something special to each place setting so this time I used Easter grass topped with the cutest little birds’ nests holding a chick, a carrot and a chocolate Easter egg.  I found all these items at riotstores.com.au


There are so many fun ways to decorate your table for Easter.  Just remember these few simple steps and it will hopefully make the process easier.  Now the comes the hard part…NOT eating all those chocolate Easter eggs!  HAPPY EASTER!

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