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How to Love an Old Table Again

Have you ever bought a piece of furniture, really loved it and then a few years later asked yourself “What was I thinking?”?  I think we’ve all been in that boat.  For my husband’s 40th birthday I bought him a recliner (that’s a whole different “What was I thinking?” moment).  Well it needed an end table didn’t it?  So I bought one.  I really liked the little table I chose.  The drawers have cool hardware and it has plenty of storage space.  Fast forward and I’m sick of the wood tone.  I still like the bones of the table, but it needs a face lift.


Once I decided to paint the table my biggest problem was deciding on the color.  The rest of the furniture in our family room is in a dark stain so I didn’t want to go with a bright paint color that would make the table stand out like a sore thumb, especially since it’s a small piece.  Luckily a dear friend came to the rescue and suggested Olive, which I thought was perfect!  With that decided, it was time to paint and I began by getting together all of the supplies I needed.


The first thing I did was clean the table and remove the drawer handles.


With that done, it was time to paint.  One of the things I like most about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is that it dries so quickly.  This table took three coats, but because of the short drying time it went fairly quickly!


Now with the painting finished and completely dry, it’s time to apply the wax.  Be sure to always put the clear wax on first.  After applying the wax, which I did with the Annie Sloan wax brush, I distressed the table and drawers just a little, then added another coat of clear wax.


When I first began this project I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted to apply dark wax.    So I tested a small spot on the back of the table and decided I loved it!  I find I have better results applying dark wax with a lint free cloth.


I couldn’t wait to put the table back together and add my decor pieces.  It gave the space such a lift and hardly cost a thing.


So if you’ve got a piece of furniture that you’re no longer in love with, try changing the color and maybe even the hardware.  I think you’ll agree that a little refresh will go a long way to lifting the look and feel of a room and hopefully you will love your piece of furniture again!


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