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How to Make a Light & Airy Spring Centerpiece

I’m a month late, but I finally finished my spring cleaning and decorating!  It took me two and a half days and the inhalation of LOTS of dust, but my house is finally clean (until the next dust storm) and ready for spring and summer.  (Just excuse the cleaning paraphernalia in the background of my first photo.)  I’m not purchasing many new  flowers for outdoors until this drought ends (which is hopefully soon!) so I thought I would use more flowers inside this year.  I’m getting braver when it comes to flower arranging and decided to make a centerpiece for our dining table using some beautiful faux flowers from SilkFlora.Com.Au

My first step was to set the foundation for the arrangement, which is the table runners.  I love to layer my runners to add interest and texture.


Next I added my dough bowl (does anyone else love these as much as I do?) and got my flowers together.  I chose lambs ear and sweet little daisies for my arrangement.


I was originally going to use flowers only for my centerpiece, but the more I played with it, the more I wanted to include an element of height and something that would catch the light.  So I added my favorite hurricane lamp.  I also included some greenery to act as a base for the stems and make for a fuller arrangement.


Now comes the fun part (or in my case the sort of scary part)!  Assembling the flowers.  I had an idea of where I wanted to place the flowers so I just played with them a bit and cut them down in size so they would fit in the bowl.  The greenery I’ve used as the base is great because it helps hide the stems.  After I inserted the candle, I poured in about half a bag of green split peas around it.  This adds color and is an unexpected element.


And last, but not least, I added that sweet little bird.  Voila!  One spring table centerpiece, ready for entertaining!  And it only took a few minutes and with the exception of the flowers, supplies that I had on hand.






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