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How to Refresh A Space on a Budget – Our Balcony Mini Makeover

We love having a balcony off of our master bedroom.  It’s so lovely to look out over our farm from this vantage point.  But it was definitely in need of a little love and attention.  So with spring in the air, I decided now was the time to give it a little refresh.  Like everyone affected by this 1 in 100 year drought, I had to be frugal.  But I love the challenge of revitalizing a space on a budget.  There are several relatively inexpensive ways to do this and I want to share how I updated our balcony without breaking the bank.


First of all complete any maintenance jobs that need to be done.  In the case of our balcony, the french doors needed to be re-stained and varnished.  This is something I do every two years.


I was tired of the light fixture being green so several months ago I re-painted all of our outdoor light fixtures black.  This was very inexpensive and didn’t take much time at all, but made a big impact on the outside of the house.


I wanted to add some color to the balcony so I decided to paint my terracotta pots.  I chose a lovely metallic blue (I didn’t actually know it was metallic until I started spray painting!) and was really happy with how they turned out.  Adding a bright color really lifted the feel of the balcony.


Now that the pots are lovely and colorful, it was time to add some flowers.  I was advised by my friend that owns a nursery to use Gaura which is a low maintenance plant that is easy to grow, which is good because I apparently have somewhat of a black thumb.  For the hanging baskets I chose beautiful Portulaca Oranges & Lemons.  I can’t wait for these to start peeping over the edge of the baskets!


I wanted to make sure there was plenty of texture on the balcony.  I already had the pillows and the welcome mat, but wanted to add a bit of layering.  So I went to one of the local discount stores and bought a jute rug to go under the welcome mat.


All in all, I didn’t spend much at all on our balcony refresh.   There are still a couple of things left to do.  I plan on painting all the posts on the house black and we need to add flooring (if we can ever decide on what we want!).  But for now,  it’s a space where we’re happy to spend time relaxing.


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