It’s Party Time – 2018 Sevil Family Reunion

It’s been twenty years since the last official Sevil family reunion and boy was this a big one!  My husband, Philip, came home one day and told me he thought we should hold a Sevil reunion for his father and his siblings and their children and grandchildren.  And he thought it should be a cricket weekend!  So that’s what we did.

The Invitation

Out went the invitations and the organizing began!  We had so many things to think about…food, drinks, accommodation (no hotels in the bush!), activities and of course the cricket teams.  You should see my seven page list!  There were about 128 people on the list and we had 79 attend (there was a wedding on the same weekend which meant one an entire family couldn’t come).

Not only did we have to get things organized, we also had to spruce the garden up a bit.

Cutting Back the Palm Trees

We made a lovely sitting area under these palm trees.  Everything is done with a tractor in the bush!

We live 90 kilometers from town but we’re fortunate in that there are a number of  businesses that you can call on for events such as these and they deliver!  We hired the marquee, lights, cool room, and even an urn from one local business We hired the port-a-potty from another local business (you’ve got to have one of those for that many people!).  Guess who had to take the thing back to town…you got it…me!  You can imagine my Kluger (Highlander) towing this thing down the highway! 

Setting up the Marquee

The food was easier than you would think.  We made a menu for dinner for the first day, breakfast, lunch and dinner for the second day and breakfast for any remaining guests for the third day.  Everyone is always more than happy to help so I had a list of what we needed and asked some of the attendees to bring items such as appetizers, salads, and desserts.  If you’re hosting a large, informal event don’t be afraid to ask people to help.  We provided two sheep to be cooked on spits and we ordered the rest of the  food needed from a third local company.  And don’t forget the drinks (probably the most important part!).  These were also delivered.  We set up one table for kegs and one for water, tea and coffee.

Slicing Mutton Cooked on a Spit

I decided to get a little creative so I made a “Welcome” sign.  This went on a table along with name tags and sunscreen that everyone passed as they came in.

The Welcome Sign

Next I made an official Sevil Reunion frame for the guests to hold up for photos.

My Son and I with the Official Reunion Picture Frame

Since only two teams can play cricket at a time we needed other activities for our guests.  So we had swimming, ping pong, croquet and horseshoes.  If people weren’t doing one of these activities they were busy catching up and in the case of some of the younger cousins, getting to know each other.

Back Patio – Ready for All Sorts of Games

The cricket games were a big success and quite competitive.  We even organized trophies in honor of the family members that are no longer with us.

Trophies for Winning Cricket Players


Front Lawn – Watching a Game of Cricket


Cricket Game – Batting


All in all it was a wonderful weekend filled with laughter, dancing, and lots and lots of smiles!

Sevil Family 2018

Here is a summary of some of the things to think about when hosting a large event:

  • Guest List
  • Invitations
  • Food & Drinks
  • Accommodation (if required)
  • Rental Items
  • Placement of drink and food stations
  • Activities for your guests (if appropriate for type of party)
  • Special (and practical) Touches
    • Flowers and/or candles for the tables
    • Garbage cans (this is one of those practical things you have to think about)
    • Plenty of storage for ice
    • Fun activities for your guests
    • Fun ways for the guests to remember the event such as the large photo frame

If you get organized in advance you can sit back and relax (sort of!) and enjoy the party and your guests!


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