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Mini Front Porch Make-over – Part 1

With any home there’s going to be on-going maintenance.  In our home I’m the one who does the jobs that involve painting, staining, varnishing and anything else that I can manage myself.  One of the most time consuming jobs I have to do (every couple of years) is preserving our exterior doors.  Living in Australia means hot, dry weather and strong sun which takes a toll on our wooden exterior doors.  Years ago someone (I can’t remember who) suggested that I use marine varnish on them and it’s worked really well.


Since this is the year to re-varnish the doors, I decided to do a mini make-over on our front porch as well.  I’m going to share this with you in different parts, the first one being re-staining and varnishing the front doors and the doors outside our home office.


I’m a little tired of the stain that’s on the doors currently so I figured as long as I’m going to the trouble of re-varnishing them I might as well re-stain them too.  I chose walnut stain because it’s such a lovely, rich color.  Before I could re-stain them though I had to sand them back and remove as much of the old varnish as possible.


I love our front screen door.  It came from the old cool room of our local pub.  It was too small for the door frame so we had to have wood added to each side to make it larger.  There’s a lot of history in this old door!  Once I completed these two doors it was time to move on to the office doors.


You can see they’re in pretty bad shape.  Keep in mind these doors are twenty years old and the harshness of our weather.  I sanded them back and removed as much of the old varnish as I could and then re-stained them as well.   The varnishing is a very time consuming process because there is a twenty-four hour waiting between coats and the doors have to be lightly sanded between each coat.  So it took me about a week to finish them.  I put an extra coat on the screen doors as they get the brunt of the sun.

My husband even joined in and polished the door knocker that was a wedding gift twenty-two years ago!




I think the life span of the office screen doors is coming to a close, but for now I’m happy with how they turned out.  And I’m delighted that I decided to change the stain color, especially on the front doors.  It’s made a huge difference.  Now I have a few more changes to make to the porch (hint, hint…think paint brush!) and some decorative touches to add as well.  So stay tuned!



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