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More DIY Valentine’s Day Decor

I think I’m on a bit of a roll with the Valentine’s decorations after last week’s Valentine’s tree.  I hope you checked out my last post for that easy, inexpensive project.  This week I’ve teamed up with my friends at WallQuotes to make an adorable Valentine’s sign using one of their amazing decals.  As with my Valentine’s tree, this project was easy and inexpensive too.  And a lot of fun!  When my daughter was very little and I told her I loved her she would answer with “I love you mora” (that’s not a typo…that’s how she said it) so you can see why I chose that sweet expression for my project.


Here is the list of supplies you’ll need:


Electric or manual saw (only if cutting your board is necessary)

Sand paper (course and fine)

Paint, stirring stick, brush and painters’ tape (or masking tape)

Glad wrap


Palm sander or course sandpaper



If your hardware store will cut the wood for you, you can skip this step.  Unfortunately mine doesn’t so I had to purchase a long piece and cut it myself…actually my sweet son cut it for me.  I’m afraid of power tools!  So measure twice and cut once.


Next lightly sand the edges of the board to make sure they’re smooth.  I used a P80 grit coarseness. It’s also a good idea to lightly sand the face of the board with P240 or similar, in case there are any rough spots.  It will depend on the type of wood you’re using.


Now it’s time to paint your board.  I chose a white, water based enamel.  You’ll find some signs, or furniture for that matter, where the back isn’t finished.  I find this annoying so I applied one coat of paint to the back of my sign.  I then applied two coats to the front and edges.  HINT:  If you saw last week’s blog post you saw my hint about wrapping your brush and stirring stick in Glad wrap between coats.  This means you don’t have to wash them or wait for the brush to dry and it’s ready to do the second coat when you are!


I wanted my sign to have a rustic look so I chose to sand back the paint a bit.  I used my palm sander (I know I said I was afraid of power tools, but this one is an exception).  If you don’t have a palm sander  use a heavy grit sandpaper and do it by hand.  Just be patient with it because you don’t want either method of sanding to leave lines or other marks.

Here’s how it came out:


With these decals you must allow three weeks for fresh paint to cure…..

Now for the fun part…adding the decal!  Wall Quotes has several helpful videos should you run into trouble WallQuotes.  Give the board a gentle wipe to make sure there are no sanding particles remaining.  Then lay the decal onto the board and measure exactly where you want it to be placed.  Once that is sorted out  follow the Wall Quotes directions on the card provided.  Use their special application tool to firmly rub the back of the decal.  This activates the “sticky”.   Put the decal in place and use the painters’ or masking tape as a hinge.  Peel off the backing paper at a 180 degree angle, starting at the upper right hand corner.  Go slowly.  Once the backing paper is off, lay the decal down and rub all over, starting from the center.  You want to make sure the decal is firmly adhered to the board.  And the last step is to remove the transfer tape the same way you did the backing paper.  And voila!  You have yourself a gorgeous sign!  The easy to follow instructions and application tool are included with each order.



Now you have your finished sign and you can style away!  Enjoy!


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