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My Favorite Fall Vignettes

Of all the different styling tools associated with home decor, I’d have to say vignettes are my very favorite.  Add to the fact that fall is my favorite season and you can see why styling fall vignettes is my absolute number one pick as far as decorating is concerned!  A vignette is such a versatile styling tool.  It can be any size, contain any number of elements, can be themed.  It’s a great way to add life and charm to a space.

The first vignette I’m sharing with you is probably my favorite ever.  I love how the elegance of the silver items compliments the colorful, rustic foliage.  Combining natural elements such as the feathers and the mix of leaves and berries, with the mercury glass, pitcher and silver platter is unexpected, but works well.


This second vignette has a culinary theme so my kitchen is the perfect spot for it.  I included items such as the wooden cake stand, my vintage silverware (that my sweet mother gave me) and the old electric jug.  Another way to give a vignette character is by utilizing different textures.   I did that here by mixing the wood, copper and glass elements.


In this charming little vignette I used several different textures again; the metal basket, which has an industrial feel, the faux plant which softens the metal, the wooden candlestick, and last but not least, the ceramic bunny and fall leaf which give a nod towards nature.  And to give these pieces a bit of height I used a couple of vintage books as my base.  It’s always a good rule of thumb to include varying heights in your vignettes.


I think I’ve mentioned in my Instagram account that this basket is one of my favorite items to style.  It’s so large that there’s plenty of room to add all sorts of fun stuff and give my vignettes a bit of depth.  At a country market day that I attended a few months ago, I found this cute little tiered tray made from cake pans.  I knew it would be the perfect piece to incorporate into my fall themed basket.  All the rustic, nature associated pieces included here have a story behind them, which makes me happy whenever I look at it.


I recently shared this photo on my Instagram page and mentioned that I had never really thought about putting these colors together.  This vignette just “sort of happened”.  It was a happy mistake if you will.  I knew I wanted to put the Pottery Barn antler candlestick in this spot, but the rest I just sort of plopped into place and luckily it turned out well!


If you haven’t guessed by now, orange is my favorite color (followed closely by green).  I love how vibrant it is and the cozy feel it has.  So that’s why I have so much of it in my home decor.  Where we live in Australia, nature doesn’t give us much in the way of fall colors so I have to improvise and do it for myself indoors.  Remember another rule of thumb for vignettes…use an odd number of pieces.  This helps to keep it balanced.


I got this beautiful tray in a small town that is full of amazing home decor stores.  You can imagine I was in hog heaven while there!  Again I’ve got a nature theme happening here because after all, isn’t that what fall is all about?!  The beautiful changes taking place in nature.  Once again, I made sure to have my pieces at varying heights to add interest and to make sure they could be seen properly as to show them off.


These are just a few of  the fall vignettes scattered throughout our house.  I’ll be doing a full fall home tour next so be sure to stay tuned for that!  What’s your favorite decorating tool to use in your home?  Do you love vignettes as much as I do?



  • Clare sevil

    Leigh I have just had a feast of your wonderful achievements and once again enjoyed every one. It is fun to see the old pieces I have worked around over the years come back to life. Thank you for showing my paintings.

    • leighsevil

      Thank you so much Clare! I knew you’d recognize a couple of these meat safes. We are so lucky to have so many of your beautiful paintings!

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