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Same Space, Five Different Styles

Do you ever get tired of your décor? Bored with your abode?  Well, there’s one simple way to spice things up around your home…re-styling. You can change the look and feel of a  space simply by using different décor items.  This can be accomplished without spending much, if any,  money.  Start with shopping your home! If you’re like me you have décor items stored away.  Look through these to see if there is something that suits the space that you want to change.


You can also look at the pieces you’re currently using and see if there is something that would be better suited in the space you’re changing.  I had this pitcher on our hall table but really like the way it looks here.  I love to anchor a furniture piece with flowers and this pitcher is full of fall color and also brings out the colors in the platter.  It’s always a good idea to place items in groups of three.  I like to have the heavier pieces on the left, (probably because I’m left handed…who knows?!).


Another idea is to change the focal point of the piece.  In this case I changed the platter.  Because I feel like the white pitcher is a bit too informal for this platter I opted to replace it with the more formal candle sticks.  I added a gold sphere and twine balls to spruce it up as well.


Next I’ve gone back to the original platter (my favorite because it has so much sentimental value).  It has a bit of a  “woodlands” feel to me so I changed the heavy, black candlesticks to light colored wooden ones to soften the overall appearance of the sideboard.  To compliment the natural look and give a bit of color, I added the small plant.  I completed the look with two bunny figurines and twine balls which add to the neutral color palate.  I think this is my favorite!


The last style I went with was a mixture of the classic black candle sticks and the woodlands items from the previous photo.  I added a small, gold candle and fall leaves for a bit more color.


And there you have it.  Five different looks for the same sideboard.  Re-styling is an easy, inexpensive and fun way to spruce up your home!

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