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Springing into Spring!

Spring makes me want to open up all of the windows and doors and let the fresh air and sunshine in (at least for five minutes until the temperature hits 40 degrees Celsius!).  It conjures up notions of barbeques, hanging out in the pool and other outdoor activities.  And while fall is my absolute favorite season, I do love the lighter color schemes and décor that I use for my spring decorating.  I feel like the hot, cumbersome Australian spring and summer seasons demand a lighter, brighter décor.


This year I decided to try a different approach to my spring decorating by doing my spring cleaning at the same time.  I wanted to complete both tasks one room at a time, starting with the rooms that don’t require much change from season to season i.e. master bedroom, but still need a deep clean.  Who am I kidding?  The entire house needs a deep clean!  Oh well you know what they say…”the best laid plans”!  I did manage to stick to this new plan with our master bedroom and ensuite at least.


Each change of season when it’s time to change my décor, I start by looking at photos of the previous year.  I decide what I like about the previous décor and see what I want to do differently.


During the year if I come across items that I like and think I can use at some point, I’ll buy them and put them aside (I’ve taken over my sweet daughter’s bedroom closet, since she lives in Sydney now).  So when it’s time to re-decorate I can “shop” my home and see what I have that I want to use.


I love to use varying shades of green in my décor.  Like the reds, oranges and yellows that are indicative of fall, to me, green is the natural color choice for spring.


Over the past several years I’ve found myself more drawn to blue hues.  So I’ve slowly been incorporating more blue pieces into my décor.  Green is still my anchor color, but I love the way the blues and greens look together.


I am almost finished and am happy with my spring décor for the most part.  However, there are a few bits and pieces I still need to add.  I’ve ordered more white pillar candles for the hall table, I will be visiting IKEA next week to pick up a couple of plants and also some  greenery for the dough bowl on the dining table, I am waiting for pillow inserts so that I can add my green cushions to the couches and I’m having pillows made out of the same fabric as my beautiful lampshade (made by the very talented Lighten Up  https://lightenuphandmade.com ).  Once all of this is accomplished it should finish things off nicely.


Please join me on a mini house tour.  I hope you enjoy it and Happy Spring!


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