Tablescapes…Making Your Guests Feel Special

With Thanksgiving only a month away and Christmas hot on it’s heels I thought now would be a good time to start thinking about different ways to decorate the dining table.  There is so much inspiration out there on Pinterest and Instagram.  You can pick, choose and even combine ideas to make your table scape the prettiest it’s ever been!

Let’s start with a CASUAL TABLE.  You want to make your guests feel welcomed and special and by going to the trouble of setting a stunning table, you’ll accomplish that.  There are many elements that go into creating a unique table scape.  Start by selecting a style, whether it be casual, formal, or whimsical, just to name a few.



Next decide on a color scheme and bring in items that will coincide with it.  Keeping theme in mind be sure to bring in elements that support your chosen theme.  I “shopped” my house to come up with different items to use.  Because it’s spring here in Australia I decided on a GARDEN THEME and chose blue and white as my base colors in this table scape.  In keeping with the theme I brought in lanterns and several faux plants to bring the outdoors in.


Adding layers to your table scape makes it more interesting.  I love chargers and use them whenever I can.  My gold ones are perfect for a FORMAL TABLE.  I like to layer the chargers with the plates, napkins and either a piece of décor such as a small pumpkin or apple (the possibilities are endless) or a treat for the guests to take home.  In the past I’ve baked cookies and wrapped them to match the table colors  and one Easter I made little Easter eggs bags.  This all contributes to making a memorable occasion for your guests.


Another idea for creating an eye-catching table is the way in which you set up your napery.  There are so many different ways to do this other than just folding and putting beside the plates.  One simple way is to fold the napkin lengthwise and drape between your dinner and bread plate.  Or you can use a beautiful napkin ring.  One of my favorite ways came from Martha Stewart.  You fold the napkin so that it makes a little pouch to hold your silverware.


Sometimes it’s nice to host something a little out of the ordinary, like AFTERNOON TEA.  I haven’t done this very often, but it is such a nice way to get friends together for a visit.  You can make it as casual or as fancy as you like.  My sweet mother-in-law has the loveliest tea set and was kind enough to lend it to me.  Again you can layer the plates and tea cups.  Because these items are small I did something different and probably totally improper.  I used the linen napkins as sort of a place mat.  That way each setting has a bit more depth and doesn’t look lost on my large table.




However you decide to decorate your table, your guests are sure to appreciate the effort you’ve gone to.  It’s a nice feeling to know you’ve gone out of your way to make them feel special and welcomed.  Happy dining!







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