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Three Essentials for Creating a Cozy Home

I think it’s a goal of most everyone to make their home a cozy and relaxing space for family and friends.   Our home is our refuge and it’s lovely when it has a comfortable atmosphere that’s conducive to relaxation after a long day.  Cozy is definitely my thing and I want to share with you three essentials for making your home cozy and welcoming.


You can’t go past soft throws and plump pillows to make yourself want to sink into your sofa or favorite chair.  Even in summer it’s nice to have a light throw to snuggle up in while you’re reading a book or watching your favorite movie,   (especially if you’re like us and keep the air conditioning really cold!).


Another essential element for making a cozy space for yourself and your family is soft lighting.  Think about how you feel under the glare of bright lights compared to how soft lamplight makes you feel.  There is no comparison!  My daughter loves to use fairy lights and her lava and salt lamps to make her apartment feel comfy and cozy.


I find that a home that smells good is calming and comfortable.  People often associate smells with memories, such as the smell of baking cookies in your grandmother’s home or the smell of perfume that reminds you of your mother.  So having a space that smells good is a must.  When you want to unwind after a long day, light your favorite candle or wax burner and take in the beautiful aromas.


I hope I’ve provided you with some ideas on how to make your home cozy and welcoming.  What are your favorite ways to cozy up your home?



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