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Three Ways to Use a Cake Stand That Don’t Involve Cake

Cake stands aren’t just for cake anymore.  They’ve become a favorite styling tool and can be used much the same way tiered and flat trays are.  They are fantastic for several reasons; they give your decor pieces height which makes for a more interesting vignette, they’re large enough to hold several items so they’re great for organizing things, and they are so versatile!  I’m going to share three ways to use your cake stand and six ways to style it.

The first way your cake stand can be used is as a centerpiece for your dining table.  My white ceramic cake stand is my go to piece for building centerpieces, usually on special occasions such as Easter or Christmas.  This particular cake stand has no edges so it gives me a little more leeway for styling.  I’m able to fit quite a few items on it and can cover it in greenery and even have it draping down the sides if I wish.


The second way to utilize your cake stand is as storage space for those essential items that you need at your fingertips.   In your bathroom you can use it to hold things such as cotton balls, swabs and soap bars.  Any items you use daily are perfect to store here, just pop them into pretty containers and it makes the mundane day to day personal items look more interesting and pretty.


Or your cake stand can be used in your kitchen to hold those essential cooking items. Just pop your favorite seasonings, oils and spices on it and they’re within easy reach and they look great too!


If you have more cooking essentials than will fit on your cake stand how about using it as a home for your utensils?  My crock fits perfectly on my cake stand and I even have room left over for my vintage salt and pepper shakers, a cute little salt cellar and a faux plant!  That kills two birds with one stone…your items will be organized and beautifully displayed.


The third way to use your cake stand is as a spot to display your favorite decor pieces.  I have to say that my wooden cake stand is my favorite.  I love to use it as the centerpiece of  vignettes, often in my kitchen.  Here I’ve displayed my Mother’s silver in two cut glass pitchers and an old electric kettle.   By displaying these treasured pieces on my cake stand I’m able to elevate them, showing how important they are to me and making them easier to see.   I love how the old pieces look against the soft colored wood of the cake stand.


Here is yet another way to style your cake stand with a handful of your favorite items.   I’ve used silver salt and pepper shakers and cheese knives, all from Pottery Barn, along side a very old cut glass bowl with bright, sunny lemons.  You can add a wreath underneath to give it a whole new look!


I hope I’ve given you some ideas on how to utilize and style your cake stand.  I’d love to know what you do with yours!  Post a photo on Instagram and be sure to tag me so I can check it out!


  • Missie

    I love the stylings you did with the cake stands. And I really like the “wooden” cake stand you are using in the Kitchen – too cute.

    • leighsevil

      Thank you Missie! It was fun finding different ways to use them. I love how they give your vignettes instant height!

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