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I think many people don’t understand why immigrants (which is what I am) move to a country and still cling to the language and customs of their homeland. Well, I totally get it. While I love Australia and have called it home for almost 22 years, I still miss all things Southern, specifically items from Mississippi. There’s something about the way Southerners decorate their homes that is so warm and inviting. I have a dear Australian friend whose father was American. Growing up she spent many of her summers with family in North Carolina. The first time she visited us she said she could definitely tell it was the home of a Southern woman! That was one of the nicest compliments I’ve ever received!

When I moved to Australia I left my furniture behind along with many of my other belongings. But over the course of a few years I managed to get the items I really wanted shipped to me. It was like Christmas every time a box arrived!  These items ranged from drink ware to my extensive Santa collection (I’ll share this a bit closer to Christmas) to decor items from my previous apartment.


Thanks to the internet,  shopping for Southern decor items has become much easier and has allowed me to come in contact with Southern artists who are more than happy to ship to Australia.  One artist in particular happens to be related to me!  His name is Chris Cochran and he makes the most beautiful mosaic pieces which range from wall art to Christmas ornaments (of which I have many) bird baths and furniture!  I highly recommend that you check out his website https://www.artfromtheheartbychris.com.

Mosaic Mississippi Wall Art by Chris Cochran


Mosaic Cross Wall Art by Chris Cochran


Mosaic Gecko Wall Art by Chris Cochran

The longer I’m away from Mississippi the more reminders of it I seem to want in our home.  Hence the Mississippi shaped wall art.  I told Chris what I wanted and the color scheme and voila!  The amazing cross was the first item I ordered from Chris and is probably my favorite.  As you’ve more than likely guessed by now I adore fall colors and the cross is full of them!  The little gecko was a gift from my parents.  (There’s a funny story about me and a gecko from when I first arrived in Australia, but that’s for another day.)  Chris has a fascinating story and I hope you’ll check him out.


Thanks to Facebook I stumbled upon an incredible artist named Darryl Anderson.  He paints the most exquisite watercolor scenes from various locations in Mississippi.  His work is full of vibrant colors and  I could look at it all day!  He is definitely one to check out.

Downtown Jackson, MS by Darryl Anderson


One thing that makes the south unique is the colloquialisms.  Southerners have such colorful, interesting expressions.  I was lucky enough to come across a company called Anderson Design Group from Nashville, Tennessee.  I purchased a pack of postcards from them that depict Southern expressions, found a large frame, applied Annie Sloan dark wax to it and this is what I came up with!

Copyright Anderson Design Group
Available at www.ADGstore.com

I absolutely love it!  You can check them out at   https://andersondesigngroupstore.com . They don’t just have art pertaining to the South so be sure and have a look at their website, it’s wonderful!


I love pottery no matter how large or small.  I’ve got several pieces, all shaped like Mississippi, scattered throughout the house.

Mississippi Tag on Pumpkin

I want to give credit for the lampshade below to https://www.lightenuphandmade.com

Mosaic Mississippi Shaped Wall Art & Mississippi Dish


Mississippi Tag on Lamp


Through Instagram I’ve found several businesses here in Australia where I can purchase Southern items because they do custom work.  One example is https://www.latink.com.au.  In case I forget my origins their sign will remind me!


So as you can see, I’ve got numerous Southern decor elements throughout our home and these are only a few.  Including them makes me feel a little closer to where I come from and at times maybe a little less homesick.  So every time we go “home” I hit my favorite shops and discover a few new ones as well.  I think it’s an important part of decorating your home to incorporate pieces that make it feel warm, inviting and like “Home Sweet Home”.



  • Carmel Kenniff

    Leigh, as I have said many times, I love that you are such a “homemaker”, maybe a different word to you. I know lots of young people have to go out to a 9 to 5 job to makes ends meet. I do feel as mothers we are fortunate when because of distance or other reasons, we are full time homemakers. I was one and little bed to decorate my home and to have the children come home each afternoon on the bus from our little primary school “Fairfax” at Maules Creek. I realise it is not possible for many today but I was blessed to have that time at home and have the children come home each day from school to me at home. They often talk about those days. I was truly Blest.

    • leighsevil

      I totally agree Carmel. I do help on the farm a bit and do all of the book work, but I’m so happy that I was able to be here when my sweet babies (grown babies now!) got home from school. I always wanted to be a stay at home Mom and am so blessed I was able to do so. While farming is hard at times it is a great life style.

  • Monica Tregurtha

    Hi Leigh! You are so clever! This page looks great! Proud to be your Australian sister-in-law and absolutely love our visits to your beautiful home, Mx

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