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Valentine’s Day Decorating – Feel the Love!

After the grandiose decorating that Christmas entails (my very favorite time of the year), it’s nice to have a lower key holiday like Valentine’s Day.  And Valentine’s Day decorating can be as much or as little as you’re in the mood for.  I don’t normally put up a lot of Valentine’s decorations, but there are few areas that are quick, easy and fun to decorate.


Unlike Christmas, where I decorate every room and every surface of our home, for Valentine’s Day I only decorate a few select areas.  I’d love to share those with you now.


Our mantle is one of my favorite places to decorate, so it’s no surprise it was the first stop for my Valentine’s Day decorating.  Everything I’ve used here, I made last year.  The little clay hearts on the shutters were originally made for my Valentine’s Day tree (see my earlier post How to Make a Valentines Day Tree ). I made the sign with decals from my friends at WallQuotes . And last, but not least, the heart garland and hanging hearts were made for last year’s Valentine’s tablescape.


I love the pops of red and pink that come into play with Valentine’s Day decorating.  They give my home such a vibrant, happy feel.  Throw in the hearts and who can resist a little romance?  And speaking of romance, who doesn’t love a beautiful tiered tray?  They are so much fun to use in holiday decor because they are so versatile.  Luckily I had enough clay hearts left over from the mantle so that I could hang them off the side of the tray as well as lay them on the raffia throughout the tray.  I added the tiny white hearts to lighten up the red a bit.  This tray is very simple, but very festive.


When we think of Valentine’s Day we think of love, romance and perhaps spending time with our significant other over a romantic dinner.  That calls for a special table setting!


I wanted to make my table simple by adding vibrant pops of red, pink and white and adding a few natural elements.   And of course I had to include candles.  The centerpiece is where I wanted to show off a bit and add some charm to the table.  I’ve always said I’m not great at flower arrangement, but I gave it a go and am happy with the results.


Valentine’s Day decorating is a great time to  let your creativity shine.  I hope I’ve given you some ideas on what you can do in your home.  I’d love for you to check out my other Valentine’s Day posts Valentine’s Day Decor Recap…It’s Not Too Late to Decorate and More DIY Valentine’s Day Decor .  What is your favorite way to decorate for Valentine’s Day?  I’d love to hear.   Happy Valentine’s!


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