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Valentine’s Day DIY Felt Garland

Next to Christmas, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that seems to bring out my creative side.  I love doing Valentine’s Day DIY crafts and there are so many fun things you can make…all you need to do is use your imagination!  This felt heart garland was so easy and fun to make!  Here’s what you’ll need:

Felt squares in your favorite Valentine’s Day colors

Heart cookie cutter or template

Needle, thread and scissors



Polyester fill


My heart shaped cookie cutter disappeared sometime since last Valentine’s Day so I made a template on the computer and printed it on card stock and it worked quite well.


I wanted to make eight hearts, pink on one side and white on the other.  So I traced eight hearts of each color, sixteen in total.


Once all the hearts were cut out, I did a simple back stitch around the edges and left a small opening so that I could put in the polyester fill. (Excuse my need for a manicure!)


Next I stuffed the hearts with poly fill until they had the desired plumpness.  Then I finished stitching them up.


Now it’s time to get the Valentine’s Day garland ready to hang.  I spread the hearts out on my kitchen island in the order I wanted and placed them the desired distant apart from each other.  Next I laid the yarn over each heart.  It’s a good idea to leave one end of the yarn uncut to make sure each side is even when you hang it.  Then I attached the yarn to the hearts by sewing four loops on the left and right sides of each heart.  Be sure to sew the yarn towards the top of the hearts so that they don’t flip when you hang them.


And there you have it!  A DIY Valentine’s Day garland ready to hang.  I’ve already decorated my family room mantle (see last week’s post Valentine’s Day Decorating – Feel the Love  ) so I thought the kitchen mantle could use some sprucing up!


This was such a simple and relatively quick little project and I’ll have the garland for years to come.  How much decorating do you do for Valentine’s Day?



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