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Vintage Bedroom Make Over

My daughter, Olivia, no longer lives at home, much to this Mama’s sadness.  She’s grown up and is out on her own and we couldn’t be more proud of her.  Her brother keeps trying to talk us into knocking down the wall between their bedrooms to make his larger.  Unfortunately for him, this isn’t happening.  We want them both to always have “their room” whenever they come home.  Her room, however, was in desperate need of a make over.  It still had that “teenage/little girl” feel and to be quite honest it was looking a little tired.



So, seeing as how I was “between projects” I thought now would be the perfect time to give her room a make over.  This little room has been through so many transformations over the years.  It went from being the room of a toddler (bright yellow), to that of a little girl (soft green with a soft pink feature wall), and then a teenager (light grey).  I think I’ve painted it four times now!  The first thing I had to decide on was a paint color.  I chose this lampshade as my jumping off point to decide what colors I wanted to use in the room.


I chose Dulux Timeless Grey for the walls.  I love the way it looks against the bright white of the ceiling, trim and blinds.  The accent colors I decided on are mustard, light grey and blue.  I pulled all of these colors out of this beautiful lampshade.  (It was made by my very talented friend Vanessa over at www.lightenuphandmade.com ).


My daughter loves anything vintage so I thought it would be fun to use these types of decor pieces in her room.  There seems to be a story behind almost every piece I chose.  My son is also a lover of all things old and is responsible for finding some of the items I used.  The white enamel pitcher on the dresser (which came from a second hand shop) and the dark blue enamel canteen on the top open shelf were found by him here on our farm.  The ladder is half of an old one that was used on our farm at one time as well.  (See my recent blog post from February 17 to see what I did with the other half of the ladder!)


There is an old hanging bookshelf in her room that Olivia has had since she was a child.  It was given to her by her paternal grandmother.  It was white when it came to live in our house (my mother-in-law painted it and I think it was a few colors before that!) and it’s since been black and now Charcoal.  I repainted it using Rustoleum Chalk Paint.  I distressed it a bit to make it look more its age.


When it came to furniture I wanted to add some interest to the room by “thinking outside of the box”.  So instead of an ordinary bedside table, I stacked three suitcases to serve as the table.  These belonged to my husband and his siblings.  They used them when they went away to boarding school.  I decorated them with a cool old telephone and a scrapbook from 1900 (with newspaper articles from as far back as 1896!) that my Mom found at a flea market.


Several years ago my sweet mother-in-law gave all of her granddaughters a little parcel with teacups, saucers, matching cake plates, linens and other little trinkets.  These are so beautiful and special that I knew they needed to have a special place in Olivia’s room.


The teacups are now displayed in various spots around the room.  I took two of the doilies that my mother-in-law made when she was a girl and framed them.  Normally this would have cost a small fortune, but I spent a grand total of $13 on the frames and painted them with chalk paint that I already had.  I was able to find mustard colored scrapbooking paper to use as the backing.  I was so happy with how they turned out and how well they blended with the yellow teacup and the English Mustard ladder.


Not everything in this make over is vintage.  I found some great glass knobs for the dresser at my pharmacy of all places!


The make over isn’t 100% complete, but I was busting to share it with you.  I plan to get new bedding and throw pillows to compliment the new color pallet and perhaps a small area rug, just to make the room a bit cozier.  And there is one very exciting project in the works that I’ll share with you in a separate post.


All in all, I’m very happy with how the make over turned out.   If there’s a room in your house that looks tired, or needs updating I encourage you to do a make over.   You’ll be glad you did.  I know I am!




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