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Welcome to My Fall/Winter Home Tour

Fall is my very favorite season. Luckily for me Christmas doesn’t come in between fall and winter here in Australia, which means I don’t have to change out my fall decor after only having it up for two months!  I use the same decorations for fall and winter with the exception of our master bedroom.  I normally change the bedding and curtains.  But this year I’m so enjoying the fall vibes in that room that I’m seriously thinking of foregoing changing the decor to winter!  I’m so happy that you’re here to join me for a tour of our home and hope that I can give you some inspiration for getting your homes all cozy when the time comes.

One of my favorite things about fall is the colors.  I adore orange so it is prevalent in my fall decorating.  I bought this gorgeous outdoor rug from AURugs  and I couldn’t be happier with it.  I love the combination of the orange and the bright blue that gives the porch a bit of pop!  Winter can be so bland which is why I like to use a lot of color.


Our dining room is traditional with a bit of farmhouse thrown in for good measure.  One of my favorite pieces is the turkey platter on the antique sideboard.  My grandfather bought it for around $1 for my parents on their first Thanksgiving as a married couple.  There are stories behind so many of our decor pieces.  Many of them came from Mississippi with me when I moved to Australia years ago and many I’ve bought on my trips home to the US.


Next to the dining room is our kitchen.  I love my mantle because it’s so much fun to decorate.  And who doesn’t need another place to decorate?!  For my fall/winter decor I like to create several different vignettes.  I have to be careful not to get too carried away or else I won’t have any work space left!


Our family room is the heart of the home (second only to the kitchen!) and it’s where we spend our time together watching TV, relaxing and just visiting.  I want it to be the most comfortable space in the house so I’ve added lots of throws for snuggling up in and pillows for lounging on.


My aim is for this space to be a place where family and friends want to gather.  By using the warm colors of fall, natural pieces such as pine cones and bittersweet and pillows and throws with tons of texture, I’ve added warmth and coziness to this room.


I love layering my decor pieces and had so much fun creating this corner.  I used an old door from our shearing kitchen, an old ladder that I spruced up and a vintage wash board as the base for this corner.  Then I softened all the wood by adding more pillows, another throw and a quilt that belonged to my parents.


Our downstairs hallway is one of my favorite spots because it’s a nice place to sit and catch my breath when I’m running from the laundry room to the kitchen to the upstairs bedrooms, etc.  This  hall table has been here on the farm forever and we had it restored years ago.  It fits perfectly in this space.


Off the hallway is our guest room.  I like to keep it looking pretty and fresh because you never know when someone will drop in and stay a day or two!  The dresser belonged to my husband’s cousin and she was so sweet to give it to us, which is lucky because I don’t think I could have parted with it!  Again this room is fairly traditional, but I’ve added a couple of farmhouse elements such as the wire basket and the mirror.


Our upstairs hallway is another fun place to decorate.  It’s a fairly large space and is the home of this gorgeous table that I purchased locally.  I love that I can use large pieces and tall arrangements on it and it doesn’t look overcrowded.  The quilt was made by my grandmother back in the 1930’s totally by hand.  I am so honored to have it.


Last, but not least, is our master bedroom.  My goal here was to make it feel like a comfortable, restful retreat.  I want it to be a space where we can escape the worries of the day and relax and have a great night’s sleep.  So I’ve made sure the bedding is super snuggly (I’m not sure if that’s actually a word, but it works), the pillows are soft and comfy and there isn’t any clutter around.


Thank you for joining me on my fall/winter home tour and I hope I’ve given you some ideas and inspiration for decorating your own home for fall.  After all, it’s just around the corner!

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