Wintertime Comfort Food

In my last post I shared some of my tips on How to Make Your Home Winter Cozy  and I promised to share some of my favorite wintertime comfort food recipes.  So, here are four of my go to winter recipes that I  hope you’ll try once the chilly weather arrives at your door.

Tell me, who doesn’t love a good, hearty soup in winter?  My family definitely does, and this is one of our favorites.  I found this family fave in my 2010 Christmas with Southern Living book.  There are several variations of this recipe on the Southern Living website, but I couldn’t find the exact one from the book, so I thought I’d go old school and type it out for you.

Loaded Potato Soup


Are you a meatloaf lover?  My family is a bit divided on this humble meal, but I found a great recipe (again from Southern Living) that combines meatloaf with scrumptious mashed potatoes and it has my whole family in agreement…it’s a new favorite!

Meatloaf Casserole


Chicken is one of my favorite staples to cook with.  It’s versatile and there are endless recipes for it and this one from Southern Living doesn’t disappoint!  Now, I know we normally associate cobbler with dessert, but the savory, bacony (I just made that word up) biscuits that top the delicious chicken and vegetable mixture will delight family and friends alike.  It’s definitely one that promises to make you feel warm and cozy inside!

Chicken and Biscuit Cobbler


My family can’t get enough soup during the cold winter months and another one that’s very popular in our house combines two classics…cheeseburgers and potatoes!  Who wouldn’t love this?!

Cheeseburger Soup


There are so, so many more winter favorites that I could share with you, but then this would be a novel, not a blog post!  I hope this will give you a start once the mercury begins to drop and those cold winds start blowing.  I’d love to know if you try these out and what you think.  Bon appetit!

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